Final Storm


Well, you’ve done it now. You landed your sorry little ship in a small hostile arena with no hope of escape. The best you can do is exercise your unquestionably awesome trigger finger to earn yourself a few more minutes … nay … seconds of precious life!

Final Storm is a cross-platform twin-stick shooter and bullet hellish game. It’s designed as a pickup game you can play in 5-10 minutes when you just wanna shoot a lot of bullets and dodge just as many. Survive as many waves as possible and pickup a few power-ups along the way (.. ahem… you’ll need them). Enemies increase in number and difficulty as waves progress. They’re worth more points each wave.

When you’ve slain enough enemies without meeting your end, power-ups will be dropped in the center of the area. But hurry – they disappear after 10 seconds if you don’t pick them up.

Let’s be honest, you’re not looking at this game for depth of story or the latest cutting edge VR experience. You’re looking at this because you want to shoot stuff! You want to shoot lots of stuff! Now go forth, have fun, and die with honor.


Enemies spawn from one of 4 spawn points around the board. All 4 spawn points are active during a wave so be careful not to be on top of one too long.


Meteors They’re slow and don’t chase you, but if they bump into you, you’re going to feel it.
Drones These little guys randomly move around the board slowly, but have a small detection field around them. If they sense you, they’ll pick up speed and come after you.
Vipers Similar to the drones, but they’re built to track you down. They have a much larger detection field and can move much faster than Drones.
Seekers These missiles have one purpose, seek and destroy. They are the fastest enemy on the board! Watch out for them.
Rail Gunners Rail gunners patrol the edges of the arena. They slide back and forth on a particular arena wall to prevent anyone from hiding there. Oh – and they launch missiles across the board to clear anything away that shouldn’t be there. Those missiles are dumb and don’t chase you but there sure can be a lot of them!
Sentinels Sentinels look like Rail Gunners but are more similar to Vipers. Their key difference is that they have a cannon similar to yours and they’re not afraid to use it! The good news is, if you’re a crack shot, you can shoot their bullets before they shoot you!


If you shoot enough enemies and live long enough, you’ll pick up power-ups to help you in your battle. If you’re lucky enough to get more than one power-up, you’ll be allowed to select one to keep after you die for being such an excellent contender!

Energy Shield

This passive power-up surrounds your ship with a force field that can withstand up to 3 impacts.

Tri Shot

This passive power-up is a weapon upgrade. Because 3 bullets are better than one. Fires 3 bullets from your main cannon giving you a 30 degree field of fire!

Side Shot

This passive power-up is a weapon upgrade. Fires a bullet to the left and right of your ship’s direction . Of course you can still pivot your main cannon. Helps to protect your flanks!

Freeze Wave (Special Weapon)

This is an active power-up. When you pick up this item an icon of an icy snowflake will appear next to your life meter. Launch this weapon with your Right bumpers or triggers. Ice your enemies and stop them in their tracks for 6 seconds of glorious relief!

And Laze-Blade!

This is an active power-up. When you pick up this item an icon of a sweeping laser will appear to the right of your score. Launch this item with your Left bumpers or triggers. Slam a spinning blade of flaming death into your enemies for about 6 seconds and take satisfaction in their cries of agony!

 For less than the cost of your favorite energy drink you can get your twin-stick groove on, support this game and more to come!


While this game CAN be played with keyboard and mouse it’s really hard, and is best played with a Gamepad or XBox controller.  This game has been tested with XBox 360 Controllers, Logitech 310 and 8bitdo NES30 on Linux, OSX, and Windows.

Gamepad Controls

Any gamepad with dual sticks configured for your operating system should work.

  • D-Pad Navigates Menu
  • “A” Button (Bottom Green on XBox Controller) selects menu items
  • Left stick moves your ship
  • Right stick fires your weapon
  • Right Bumpers and Triggers fire Freeze Wave
  • Left Bumpers and Triggers fire Laze-Blade
  • START button pauses in-game

Keyboard and Mouse

(warning – it’s hard with keyboard and mouse. HIGHLY recommend a gamepad to play this game)

  • W,A,S,D or Arrows for movement and menu control
  • Mouse fires towards your reticle and selects menu items
  • Space fires FreezeWave
  • CTRL fires Laze-Blade
  • ESC pauses in-game

System Requirements

This game does not require a cutting edge system. It was developed and tested on an old laptop from 2012. It does spray a lot of bullets though and the more horsepower your computer has, the smoother the experience is guaranteed to be. That said here are some specs:

Minimum Specs

  • Any Intel 2nd generation i5 or i7 or comparable AMD processor produced since 2012 running Windows 7,8,10, OSX or Linux.
  • 4 GB RAM (Does anyone have less than 4 GB now? The application MAY run with less but has not been tested under those conditions)
  • Updated OpenGL graphics drivers. The engine uses OpenGL 2.0 which most graphics cards within the last 7 years should be compatible with.

Recommended Specs that’ll make the game Sing with Joy

  • Any Intel i5 or i7 or comparable AMD since 2012
  • 8 GB of RAM or more
  • NVIDIA 660 or higher or comparable AMD